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The reorientation of 4fastening GmbH

Did you know? – From screw dealer to service provider

Since 2012, 4fastening has been selling connecting parts to the automotive market. This enables us to provide our clients with small quantities and/or special requests regarding packaging etc. Why not expand this successful concept further? In the future, we see a need on the market to take the complexity out of procuring connecting parts (e.g. screws). This will not only reduce the burden on the KAMAX plants, but also on other clients.

“Simplify your business!” is what we offer and we invite our clients to talk to us about how we at 4fastening can make their life/work more efficient and, in addition, smooth out the fluctuations on the markets in terms of availability and price. In other words, we want to simplify, and simultaneously safeguard, our clients’ business activities. Because we know that in the connecting parts sector, it’s not the components that are most costly, but the processes associated with procurement and ultimately, as the “worst case” and most costly scenario, non-availability.

At 4f, we work with clients to develop concepts that balance processes, capital commitment and availability. We enjoy the challenge of being integrated into our clients’ business protection concepts.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like us to create an individual “Simplify your business” concept for you!

At all events, keep a positive attitude and stay healthy!

Best regards,
The 4f Sales Team