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Quality from 4fastening

For us, quality isn’t something which, once achieved, allows us to rest on our laurels. It’s the result of an ongoing process with the aim of constant self-improvement, and of updating knowledge, skills and competences and applying them for the benefit of our clients.

After all, industrial, digital and social development doesn’t stand still, but is constantly progressing. It isn’t enough to keep pace: it’s essential to develop, optimise and set our own quality standards that go beyond the usual quality assurances.

Our quality pledge

Our quality pledge is thus not based solely on what we’ve already achieved – even though the results are certainly something to be proud of. We look ahead and, in close contact with our clients and suppliers, are continually developing new quality assurance measures that are characterised by two key features:

  • They are developed with an eye to the specific requirements of our clients.
  • They incorporate the transformation that is taking place in aspects ranging from manufacturing to marketing to legal regulations.

Recognise and build on whatever is good; seize what new opportunities and possibilities for quality improvement present themselves: these are the essential principles on which our quality pledge is based.

“We can respond quickly, flexibly and individually to all requirements.”

Malte Benecken
QM Complaints / Initial Samples (PPAP)

Small team, big background

One of our tasks is to speed up processes for our clients and to ensure the smooth functioning of special orders. With our staff, our 4fastening team is still small enough to be able to be in direct contact with our clients at all times. In addition, with the KAMAX Group in the background, we have the expertise and potential of an outstanding Development Department at our disposal.

For the quality of our products and services, this means that we can respond quickly, flexibly and individually to all requirements. And we guarantee you, as our clients, the innovative strength and all the certifications that you expect from a market leader.

Quality that comes from experience and competence

Goal-oriented planning, applying precise methods, understanding individual client needs and developing tailor-made solutions – these are the cornerstones of our quality policy. This applies to our products as well as our services.

We reliably apply quality standards developed in the research departments of the KAMAX Group. As an independent subsidiary, we also attach great importance to the training and further training of our staff. As a high standard of quality can only really be achieved if qualified, experienced people are available at every position and in every department.

Act with foresight to eliminate possible errors in advance

Wherever people work, mistakes happen. Our goal was and is to achieve reliable freedom from errors. This is possible because we constantly analyse the performance of existing processes and integrate new developments and potentials.

We consistently implement corrective and preventive measures that result from or are related to this – both in internal process optimisation and in cooperation with our suppliers, whom we as partners also support and encourage in their development.

Because quality isn’t a state that maintains itself. It is the result of a process – for the benefit of our clients and for their 100% satisfaction, for which we give our very best every day.