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Values and Guidelines

Our Values and Guidelines

The best results are achieved by teams that share common values. For this reason alone, we’re particularly eager to communicate our values and goals in a clear and binding way. In addition, values can only be implemented meaningfully if the terms on which they are based have a clear and definite meaning.

Because it’s easy to agree on terms like “respect”, “trust” or “responsibility” – but it’s more inspiring and motivating to put them into practice in real life.

Cooperation and satisfaction

Our cooperation is characterised by the enormous energy and enthusiasm that we invest in our tasks, and by our willingness to actively support one another. It’s clear to us that we can only move forward together, and we want to do this in a proactive, goal-oriented and client-focused way. For the same reason, we share our knowledge and experience so that we and our clients can remain efficient and develop further together, day by day.

The primary goal that we achieve in this way is: satisfaction!

Satisfaction with our work, our results and the economic and social contribution we make as a result. And of course, we’re also concerned with the satisfaction of our clients, who can rely on the 4fastening team.

“We know and experience in our day-to-day cooperation that we can count on each other.”

Patrick Lutz

Trust and respect

For us, trust is all about respect and assurance. We know and experience in our day-to-day cooperation that we can count on each other and that we’re motivated by common values. We expect a lot from and trust each other because we value the competence and knowledge of the other just as much as our own abilities.

Furthermore, we also show trust and respect towards our clients. Fair and appreciative dealings are just as important to us among ourselves as they are in our dealings with our clients and business partners.

Change and identification

We do not stop at the qualifications and successful strategies we have already attained. Best practices always develop out of finding a balance between the tried and tested and the innovative.

It’s therefore important to us to identify with our achievements and objectives and to keep our promises. At the same time, we want to keep working to improve our performance and to enable change wherever new challenges arise. Have a quick look at our values.

Our values in a nutshell: sincerity

What we value about our cooperation is that we give one another credible, respectful feedback. In doing so, we constantly review our intentions and objectives without losing our focus.

Our positive approach to errors (“error culture”) enables us to act decisively and in the best interests of our team and our clients. In this respect, we regard sincerity in the pursuit of our goals and in our dealings with each other as the very value that essentially guides our actions and thinking.