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Benefit from our warehousing service

Modern warehousing, including packaging and logistics, is at the heart of industrial production and is essential for a properly functioning supply chain. As a specialist in high-strength connecting parts, we take care of the development and production of the screws and connecting components you need.

We also offer you all services related to warehousing and distribution. In this way, you can constantly ensure that you have sufficient stocks available. You can in good conscience assure your customers and business partners that you’ll deliver or receive what they need quickly, reliably and in the highest quality through outsourcing all or part of your warehousing to us and our global network.

Avoid typical goods management and warehousing problems

4fastening’s warehousing service enables you to reduce your warehousing costs and minimise all associated risks to your supply chain. Instead of dealing with location problems, trust us to find the fastest and safest way to get your products to the client or to the company. We’re globally networked, so we can operate regionally in every country. You can also keep your own stocks in our warehouses, flexibly and in line with your needs.

Supply security thanks to a strong network

We safeguard your requirements through strategic procurement in a global supplier network. This has several advantages for you: you reduce the capital commitment that would arise from your own warehousing and maintain supply security at all times.

Our in-house manufacturing and networking with certified suppliers and logistics providers worldwide enables you to consolidate your entire supply chain. This allows you to manage it more easily and with less risk, without having to build up your own resources and networks or set up warehouses at different locations.

Service with a plus – thanks to intelligent goods and warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics, as we understand them, encompass much more than just warehousing and distribution. As our client, permanent warehousing as well as on-call warehousing are available to you. We take care of packaging and order picking professionally and in accordance with your specifications, and ensure that everything is delivered punctually in the packaging you require.

You get warehousing, coordination and transportation from a single source. In the process, we adapt all processes precisely tailored to your company. Outsourcing allows you to streamline superfluous processes, reduce costs and benefit from excellent warehouse management.

Warehousing services – your advantages at a glance

Our clients use the warehousing service for storing spare parts and components that are frequently needed in production, as well as for storing other goods.

In any case, the benefits include

  • Crisis-proof
  • professional warehousing and stocking..
  • Individual solutions tailored to your company.
  • Modern warehousing with excellent procedures and impeccable logistics.
  • Speedy
  • safe delivery.
  • Packaging and order picking as additional services.

Once your warehousing is set up, all we need for the delivery of requested components is information on their specifications and the desired packaging sizes and types, which you simply send to us via your personal contact partner.