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History of our company

The birth of 4fastening GmbH


As with so many good things, 4fastening was born due to a day-to-day challenge.
As a manufacturer of high-strength connecting parts in large quantities, KAMAX was faced with the challenge of being able to continue to supply its clients with parts after the end of series production. In particular, the supply of post-series and spare parts in much smaller quantities simply wasn’t economical and couldn’t be offered without internal losses of efficiency.

The requirements for handling large series are fundamentally opposite to those for small series. A specialist department was therefore set up within the group. The department’s first task was to manage small quantities (small quantity management).

This approach was the basis of 4fastening GmbH, which was started up in May 2012 and is based in Pohlheim/Hesse, Germany as a 100% member of the KAMAX Group.

The first clients were able to benefit from the advantages and were quickly convinced by the approach. Meanwhile, we’ve been able to expand the concept to include more than 2,000 articles and thus gain numerous new clients.

The KAMAX factories were disburdened thanks to the acquisition of (several) years’ supply requirements by 4fastening. Thus, by applying “Simplify your business!”, our company bridges the gap between economic production lot sizes and ensuring the supply of clients in their post-series, small series and spare parts business.

In the meantime, a steadily growing network of worldwide partners has been established to expand the product range. This makes it possible to offer our clients products beyond the KAMAX portfolio. At the same time, with the inclusion of 4fastening, the KAMAX Group is becoming a still more important and strategic partner.