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We offer you high-quality products to meet your individual requirements

We at 4fastening GmbH offer you components for every aspect of connection technology for the automotive and industrial sectors. This ranges from cold-formed parts to machined components. We also offer a wide range of complementary components as well as selected parts from blind rivet, welding and press-fit technology. To complete our assortment, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of one of our many services. These include, for example, client-specific packaging and providing certain product sets.


We offer screws based on a drawing specification or in standard sizes, for use in the automotive, truck, trailer and industrial sectors. This includes all sizes from M5 to M27, as well as all common standard drives, surfaces and strengths. We source our materials from steel, stainless steel and aluminium. If you have any special requests or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Threaded bolts

Check out our threaded bolts, double ends and threaded rods, with or without drive, in sizes M5 to M27. Here, too, we provide you with different surfaces and strengths to meet your specifications. The products, made of steel and stainless steel, are used in the automotive, truck, trailer and industrial sectors. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We offer clips in different versions, materials and dimensions, adapted to your individual needs. Please feel free to send us an enquiry.



Our range includes bushings up to a diameter of 50 mm, made of steel or aluminium, with industrial applicability. If you have any other requirements or requests, do drop us a line.


Other products for the industrial sector are our sleeves of steel and aluminium. These likewise have diameters of up to 50 mm and include all surfaces and strengths to suit your requirements. Please feel free to send us your enquiry.


Complementary goods

In addition to the products offered here, we also offer a wide range of complementary goods in the above-mentioned sizes and materials (for example, combination screws). If you have any specific questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


According to your specifications, we provide nuts in sizes from M5 to M27 and the matching surface finish, and strength class. If you have any further questions, simply drop us a line.


Ball studs

Our ball studs come in diameters from 5 to 20 mm and are particularly well suited for flaps and chassis. From machined, to cold-formed + machined, to completely cold-formed components, we offer everything to suit your wishes and requirements. We are happy to help you with any special requests you may have!