4fastening ranks customer satisfaction as a top priority

We know and meet our customers’ expectations. Our complete range of services is oriented towards continuously increasing the benefit to our customers. We monitor satisfaction with our services on an ongoing basis with customer surveys.

4fastening strives for long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers

We let our performance speak for itself – both in technical and commercial terms. This creates long-term cooperation with our customers in terms of development and consultation, which goes beyond a simple supplier relationship. This also applies for our main suppliers; we expect them to have the same demands regarding quality and profitability on themselves as we do on ourselves, and we ensure this is the case through audits.


4fastening is strong thanks to the strength of its staff

We bring talents into our company and promote their growth and further development. With lots of space for ideas and the assumption of responsibility, we strive to achieve first-class performance and results. Enthusiasm, passion and working together across borders and hierarchies characterize our working atmosphere.

4fastening makes high demands on managers

We select our managers for their knowledge and performance along with their personality, in particular their attitudes and leadership potential. Our managers are role models for their staff and lead with a performance-oriented and cooperative management style that is appropriate to the situation.



4fastening is a market-leader in technology

We set global standards in the areas of innovation, quality, and profitability. This service portfolio makes us the leading provider of sophisticated high-strength fasteners for the automotive industry. This market position is further strengthened and enhanced by our international presence and growth.

4fastening offers customers innovative individual solutions

We are a global leader in the development and production of fasteners for the automobile industry, with optimized features and costs. Providing customized application developments and services our customers benefit from our comprehensive know-how in product and process development.

4fastening products meet the highest quality requirements

We measure our performance by our own “zero defect quality” requirement. To this end, we rely on effective quality control and activities which provide quality assurance that is preventive and avoids errors. We continuously improve both products and processes and regularly monitor our performance on the basis of suitable key data.

4fastening secures strategic independence through profitable growth

We strive to achieve high operating efficiency in the long term. Clear profitability targets and a solid finance policy secure jobs and ensure a healthy further development of the corporate group as an independent family business. This is the basis for reasonable management decisions in strategic terms.


Environmental and social issues


4fastening demands  law- and rule abiding conduct

We operate responsibly and in accordance with legal requirements. Conduct in breach of the law or a regulation is not tolerated in the company under any circumstances. We ensure this via globally binding business conduct guidelines, which also demand the ethically correct conduct of all 4fastening staff.

KAMAX also feels committed to the needs of society

We support the development of our society through constructive contributions of a material and immaterial kind in social, cultural, and economic areas. We protect the environment by complying with internal global standards which exceed legal regulations.

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