Washers are used to secure bolts and nuts against rotation. They complete the connection in order to become an overall system. We supply according to your drawing, for example, as rib dials, or spring, tension, and contact washers. Washers can be ordered as single component or as a captive part, already connected to the bolt.

We supply special washers made of case hardening, heat-treatable, spring, unalloyed and stainless steel.

We deliver products according to technical drawing or factory standard, in all materials and design. If needed, we also include all relevant examinations and approval certificates.


Besides bolts, nuts also count as one of the most important fasteners. Whether made of steel, stainless steel or brass, whether bare or with a particular coating- we offer nuts as a suitable product for your individual range of application.

We supply special nuts in the dimensions M3 – M24.

We deliver products according to technical drawing or factory standard – in all materials and design. If needed, we also include all relevant examinations and approval certificates.


KAMAX ultrahigh-tensile bolts of property classes 14.8, 15.8 and 16.8 combine high strength with excellent ductility and thus contribute significantly to a reduction in size and weight of engines and other vehicle components.

Depending on design, an increase in clampload of 20 to 30 % can be achieved compared to conventional bolts without loss of ductility. The material designed for use in KAMAX ultrahigh-tensile bolts permits the use of any head shape and is not sensitive to hydrogen-induced brittle fracture.


Pre-assembly solutions may contribute significantly to ease of assembly, saving process costs at the same time. 4fastening demonstrates this fact with the example of a pre-assembled solution for seat belt mounting lugs. An innovative combination consisting of an application-optimized bolt and a metal clip ensures the unique pre-assembly of the fastener and at the same time replaces several individual parts which were in the past prone to failure and which required time-consuming fitting on the assembly line.


Self-tapping bolts are an effective contribution to optimizing assembly costs. As a licensee of the TAPTITE® System, 4fastening offers this world-leading solution.


Transversely loaded bolted joints tend to come loose on their own. KAMAGIC® is an innovative solution which combines protection against loosening with multiple applications. KAMAGIC® bolts can be disassembled as often as required without losing their self-locking function.


Regarding weight- and CO2 reduction, aluminum bolts represent an important component. Especially when used with magnesium components, aluminum bolts offer significant technical advantages in terms of electrochemical corrosion and temperature-affected relaxation.


In order to prevent damage to sensitive mating-bearing surfaces (alloy, painted surfaces), it is possible to assemble washers to the bolt which remain free to rotate. In addition, this solution permits an extremely large bearing surface for the use of materials with very low permissible surface pressure.


Cam bolts are used to set the track and rake in the vehicle axle system. Depending on the geometry, large eccentricities of the cam can be created during the cold-forming process, thus offering potential for cost optimization. It is also possible to produce extreme cam dimensions by using two-part eccentric bolts.


Tie rods are used at the ends of steering or track rods in order to transmit the force and movement of the steering gear to the front wheels.

On one side these bolts are provided with a cold headed ball and on the other side with a rolled thread for the adjustment of the track. They are held to the shaft by a cold headed hexagon, and the track is set and clamped by the thread and a counter-nut.

The ball connection is provided with life-time lubrication encapsulated by a sleeve during the assembly process, which is attached to the shaft by grooves.

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