Our fasteners meet the most demanding requirements of our customers, in large part due to the use of application-oriented, optimized materials.

The materials design determines one of the key features of our bolts – strength. Therefore ongoing development of materials is of particular importance. Based on our many years of experience and expertise we play a leading role in all innovations in the field of materials for high strength fasteners, e.g. in the new development of dual-phase steels or concepts for highest strengths. Our acknowledged expertise in boron metallurgy over the years has thus led to the release of boron-alloyed steels for all property classes.

In order to ensure that all bolts meet the desired mechanical properties, 4fastening uses only specifically selected materials. They must be particularly suitable for cold forming, e.g. to allow high degrees of deformation without cracks and good tool life. Furthermore, excellent heat treatment characteristics are essential for ensuring the required strength and toughness values of our fasteners.

Taking into account the DIN(ISO) standards, the choice of material to be used depends partly on property class and partly on dimensions, geometry and customer requirements.


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