The development of the automobile industry requires a reduction of weight of all components. Hence, we work intensively on weight reduction of our fasteners. New materials and designs allow a reduction up to 30 percent.


KAMAX ultrahigh-tensile bolts of property classes 14.8, 15.8 and 16.8 combine high strength with excellent ductility and thus contribute significantly to a reduction in size and weight of engines and other vehicle components.

Depending on design, an increase in clampload of 20 to 30 % can be achieved compared to conventional bolts without loss of ductility. The material designed for use in KAMAX ultrahigh-tensile bolts permits the use of any head shape and is not sensitive to hydrogen-induced brittle fracture.


Regarding weight- and CO2 reduction, aluminum bolts represent an important component. Especially when used with magnesium components, aluminum bolts offer significant technical advantages in terms of electrochemical corrosion and temperature-affected relaxation.


Under the many important properties of fasteners, the head shape and in particular the head height of bolts are of increasing importance. The use of 4fastening threaded fasteners with extremely low head height and an optimized head volume enables our customers to save weight.

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