In close co-operation with customers, KAMAX specialists frequently design fasteners adapted to special applications and which are ideal solutions with respect to function and cost.


Pre-assembly solutions may contribute significantly to ease of assembly, saving process costs at the same time. 4fastening demonstrates this fact with the example of a pre-assembled solution for seat belt mounting lugs. An innovative combination consisting of an application-optimized bolt and a metal clip ensures the unique pre-assembly of the fastener and at the same time replaces several individual parts which were in the past prone to failure and which required time-consuming fitting on the assembly line.


Self-tapping bolts are an effective contribution to optimizing assembly costs. As a licensee of the TAPTITE® System, 4fastening offers this world-leading solution.


Transversely loaded bolted joints tend to come loose on their own. KAMAGIC® is an innovative solution which combines protection against loosening with multiple applications. KAMAGIC® bolts can be disassembled as often as required without losing their self-locking function.

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