Our factories and partners produce the most diverse range of bolts for different chassis areas. Due to the high significance of safety for chassis fasteners, we focus on maximum fastener quality. The range covers all types of fasteners from flange bolts for conventional chassis fastenings to special applications, such as track and rake adjustments as well as fasteners in the steering or braking system.


In order to prevent damage to sensitive mating-bearing surfaces (alloy, painted surfaces), it is possible to assemble washers to the bolt which remain free to rotate. In addition, this solution permits an extremely large bearing surface for the use of materials with very low permissible surface pressure.


Cam bolts are used to set the track and rake in the vehicle axle system. Depending on the geometry, large eccentricities of the cam can be created during the cold-forming process, thus offering potential for cost optimization. It is also possible to produce extreme cam dimensions by using two-part eccentric bolts.


Tie rods are used at the ends of steering or track rods in order to transmit the force and movement of the steering gear to the front wheels.

On one side these bolts are provided with a cold headed ball and on the other side with a rolled thread for the adjustment of the track. They are held to the shaft by a cold headed hexagon, and the track is set and clamped by the thread and a counter-nut.

The ball connection is provided with life-time lubrication encapsulated by a sleeve during the assembly process, which is attached to the shaft by grooves.


Today, modern wheel bolts must not only satisfy safety requirements, they also have to suit the stylistic look of the wheel design.

For this reason, we supply wheel bolts for steel as well as alloy wheels in all standard geometries and surfaces. As a liaison between the customer and the production department, our application engineers guarantee a tailor-made solution for every problem.


In contrast to many other applications, the properties of wheel bolts need to remain consistent with repeated use due to the frequent need to change wheels (puncture/ season). This is why the bolt properties are tested for multiple tightening up to ten times during the development phase


In the company group, 4fastening counts as the leading suppliers of wheel studs for the automobile industry, i.e. for cars as well as commercial vehicles. These high-strength fasteners are primarily safety-related components. However, optical aspects are increasingly significant here as well. Different designs are used depending on the wheel hub construction and the specific demands of the customer.


In the case of ground wheel studs, the twist protection is ensured by a flat surface on the bolt head. A press fit ensures that the bolt is held securely in the hub. The very tight diameter tolerance (<20µm) of the bolt shaft is ensured by a grinding process carried out after hardening and tempering. This expensive manufactured design excels because the borehole can be reused. This means that the bolt is also suitable for aluminum hubs.


The knurled-wheel stud has a classic and time-tested design. The torsional twist protection and the fit function are ensured by the knurled shaft area. The knurled-wheel stud is a 100 % cold-formed fastener.

No special requirements are needed with respect to surface and tolerance for drilling the hub or brake drum and disk. The bolt can be produced inexpensively by cold forming.



With respect to costs, assembly and function, the KAWEX® wheel stud is highly optimized. KAWEX® wheel studs have decisive advantages in comparison to conventional ground wheel studs, in which the fit has to be produced by expensive grinding processes.

Using only cold forming processes inexpensive high volume production is achieved. After the cold heading process a rough profile is rolled into the shaft.
This is subsequently harden, and tempered, and then calibrated by technologically sophisticated rolling machines to the diameter tolerance (≤20µm) required for a precise and process-safe fit. KAWEX® wheel studs are particularly suitable for use with modern aluminum hubs.

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