Customer satisfaction through maximum quality

Our customers demand quality and we provide it. For this reason, all processes, structures, and activities at 4fastening are designed to keep this promise.

The 4fastening quality policy focuses on target-oriented and method-based planning, development, production, delivery, and assessment of all products, services, and associated processes. This is carried out with strict adherence to preventive quality assurance that avoids defects.

Central Quality Management ensures the strategic coordination of our integrated quality management, as well as the development, launch and monitoring of consistent standards across the Group. In addition, tasks and activities that involve quality are taken on by the quality departments at the respective KAMAX production plants.

The KAMAX quality management system

  1. Customer orientation
    The basis of our business success is consistently targeting the expectations of our customers, both internally and externally.
  2. Staff involvement
    We both support and challenge our staff through further education and training, involvement in decisions and motivational measures. This ensures that all staff members take our quality principles to heart and think and act by them.
  3. Process orientation
    Thanks to the precise description of our activities in the overall process framework, we achieve the best possible quality for all goods and services. This also makes every individual’s contribution to the overall success clearly visible.
  4. Corrective and preventive measures
    We achieve a significant reduction in the risk of defects through systematic cause analysis, in combination with immediate improvement of process quality capability by means of appropriate corrective measures. The findings are transferred to comparable processes and products as a preventative measure.
  5. Continuous improvement
    Internally and externally, we aim to achieve “zero defects”. The continuous improvement of our processes and products is evidence of this objective.
  6. Supplier development
    We support and use the skills of our suppliers in partnership, because the improvement of their processes and products ultimately also means satisfaction of our mutual customer.

Status June 2015

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